The messy bites

Nov 7, 2014 @ 15:21Categories: Food

Put your hands up in the air if you love finger food!!!
Last night I was fence in the kitchen with a great desire to create new recipes for breakfast. I had a pack of dates and very different coconut flours to finished so I decided to come up with the "messy bites" (relatives of the protein balls) small pieces full of love ready for breakfast for all those who, like me, are hurry up in the morning.

I admit it: the recipe was an experiment to see if the ingredients bound together and the result was so satisfactory that I decided to document everything with pictures... maybe I let myself get a little too carried away, but I had fun as a child to make the video.

• 3 tbps of coconut flour
• 1 tbps of oats
• 3 dates
• 1 tbps of peanut butter

1- Remove the pits from the dates and place all ingredients in a mixer, blend for 2 minutes until the mixture is mealy and sticky.
2- With the help of a spoon formed small pieces taking care to press them well between the hands to compact at better.
3- Keep it in the fridge until the next morning, you can just take them out 10 minutes before and will be ready for breakfast.

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GregGreat how-to video production...luv it!! :^)2014-11-22 23:31